About ICCH'22

The General Authority for Construction and Housing Cooperatives (CHC – Egypt) will organize the 4th International Conference for Cooperative Housing in parallel with the 13th Africa Ministerial Co-operative Conference (AMCCO).

The conference activities include opening sessions, scientific sessions, workshops, seminars and lectures that cover the latest developments in cooperative housing fields

Housing Cooperatives: Challenges, Potentials and Sustainability

Main Topics

Theme 1: Methods of Comprehensive and Sustainable Cooperatives
- Linking cooperatives to 2030 SDGs and Africa’s Agenda 2063
-Inclusive sustainable cooperatives Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
- Innovative Cooperative concepts
- Cooperatives: Best practices and experiences

Theme 2: Cooperatives & Sustainable Economic Growth
- Integrated sustainable development mechanisms to establish sustainable cooperative communities.
- Efficient utilization of production process elements (Land, capital, manpower and administration)
- Cross-sectors cooperatives integration and inclusiveness in cooperatives in relation to Africa’s Agenda 2063
- Role of cooperatives in supporting competitive and diverse economy that sustains digital transformation
- Role of cooperatives in providing sustainable job opportunities
- Best practices and experiences that sustains economic growth

Theme 3: Cooperatives: Institutional Development, Management and Financing
- Role of financial institutions in sustaining cooperative integration in accordance with Africa’s Agenda 2063
- The role of cooperatives in supporting transparency, administrative reform, and Digital transformation
- Digital transformation and knowledge society
- Strengthening partnerships with stakeholders to create financial opportunities
- Sustainable financing (banks, mortgages, …, etc.)
- Trilateral partnerships mechanisms among government, private and cooperative sectors
- Best practices and experiences

Theme 4: Cooperatives & Community- Driven Development
- Unleashing communities full potentials through the public participation in the development process.
- Community Participation in all stages of the design process and decision-making.
- Sustainable Cooperative communities: Innovative approaches in architecture and urban design.
- Incorporation of African cultural values into the cooperative system.
- Enhancing the cooperative ideology in local communities.
- Practical means of collaboration to enhance capacity building & human resource development (HRD).
- Inclusion of marginalized groups of society
- Cooperative projects: Innovative governance and mechanisms
- Best practices and experiences

Theme 5: Integrated Cooperatives: Challenges and potentials
- Efficient urban planning of cooperative projects (Africa Agenda 2063 & the 2030 SDGs)
- Enhancing the ecological resilience and contingency planning strategies for natural disasters.
- The role of cooperatives in overcoming the surrounding social, economic, health and political challenges.
- The role of cooperatives in supporting education and professional training to achieve sustainability.
- Relying on renewable energy and adopting sustainable consumption and production (SCP) patterns.
- Fundamentals of sustainability, ecosystems and biodiversity in planning cooperative communities
- Regional & global challenges: wars, international development projects, COVID-19, supply chain, etc
- Beat Practices and experiences

Theme 6: Legislative frameworks and bylaws to sustain cooperative practices
- Comprehensive legal protection of cooperative activities (concepts, legislative policies, operational mechanisms, obstacles…).
- Innovative legislative requirements to reinforce the cooperative system
- Good governance within the cooperative institutions
- Cooperative policies challenges and achieving social protection
- Activating human rights principles to achieve equality among cooperative societies
Best practices & experience

Why Exhibit


Governmental entities, universities, Research centers, banks, institutions, cooperative housing societies, Researchers and specialists: are invited to display their latest experiences and projects in the accompanying exhibition. As exhibition spaces are limited, those who wish to participate will be accepted according to the date of 22/9/2022.

*space rental fees for a 3*3-m2 booth is 45,000EGP + 1 Exhibitor

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