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VISA (Visitors to Egypt must obtain a visa from one of the Egyptian diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries or countries that are eligible for visa on arrival. Visitors must hold passports that are valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival to Egypt. Some countries can acquire their visa on arrival. You can access your e- visa here

Giza Plateau
Located just outside of the outskirts of Cairo on the esplanade known as the Giza Plateau, the Great Pyramids of Giza is the must-see Ancient Egyptian landmark. Known as Khufu's Pyramid, it is the greatest pyramid of the complex: a truly overwhelming sight. Being one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, it is the only one still standing to this day! When gazing at this colossal structure, there's no way to escape the feeling of being dwarfed. The two smaller - but still huge - pyramids in Giza are those of Khafre and Menkaure. A few steps to the east you will notice three small (20 m high) piles of rumble: the queens' pyramids, tombs of Khufu's wives and sisters. Nearby, on the Giza Plateau, you'll also find the Great Sphinx and the Solar Boat Museum. The site is also where the Sound & Light Show at Giza takes place, and where every newcomer to Egypt experiences Giza camel rides for the first time 


Sound & Light Show at Giza
After the sun sets on the bustling city of Cairo, the famous pyramids on the Giza plateau come to life in a magical sound and light setting. A not to be missed experience: the show narrates Ancient Egypt in an enchanting atmosphere and the history of these mysteriously built gigantic structures. 


Khan El-Khalili
No visit to Cairo is Complete without a stop at the Khan El-Khalili bazaar, where you will be transported back in time to an old Arab souk. Shop owners calling you to their stalls, the scent of spices, the hustle and bustle of trade, and the many beautiful objects that can purchased will have you lost among alleys for hours. Put your haggling skills to the test when buying statuettes, spices, souvenirs, silver jewellery, t-shirts, galabiyyas, belly dancing costumes, or anything for that matter. When your shopping's done, dont miss out on a traditional cup of tea at the famous Fishawi's cafe. 


The Egyptian Museum
No Egypt tour is complete without a visit to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. With over 120,000 artefacts, the museum houses an unbelievable exhibit depicting ancient Egypt's glorious reign. Mummies, sarcophagi, pottery, jewelry and of course King Tutankhamen's treasures, it's all there. The boy-king's death-mask - discovered in its tomb - is made of solid gold and it has been described as the most beautiful object ever made. 


Cairo Tower
From its 187 meters, the Cairo tower offers the most amazing panoramic views of the Egyptian capital. It is advised to go up to the tower's circular observation deck in the late morning or late afternoon for the clearest views of the city. You'll also find a restaurant at the top of the tower. Occasionally, the restaurant revolves around the tower's main axis.  


Stars Centre is the retail and leisure component of the Citystars Heliopolis complex and provides a unique shopping and entertainment experience to the Middle East.
With the best local retailers combined for the first time with international brand names, shopping has not only become a pleasure but an entirely new experience. In fact, more than just shopping, Stars Centre offers a combination of entertainment and dining facilities that are unmatched anywhere else in Cairo some of which are Mosaique dining zone and the Family Restaurant Area. In addition to the unrivaled 21-screen cinema complex, Stars Centre also contains Golden Stars Cinema. These cinemas feature recliner seating in a refined interior design while serving delicious meals and refreshments during the movie display by Holiday Inn Cairo Citystars in addition to our VIP restaurants Mori Sushi and Tamara. The premises contain two indoor theme parks; E-Zone and Magic Galaxy, which cover a combined area of almost 9000 sqm. 


The Journey of The Holy Family to Egypt

The arrival of Jesus Christ and the Holy Family is an important event that took place in Egypt. The story starts with a group of wise men declaring Jesus as the next king of the Jews. That’s why King Herod (Ruler of Judea at the time) felt threatened and decided to kill him.
The Holy Family left from Bethlehem to Egypt after an angel warned Joseph to leave with Jesus and Virgin Mary. They started their journey through northern Sinai until reaching Farama. The places they stayed in have now been transformed to churches and monasteries.
The next destination from their journey was Tel Basta where Jesus performed a miracle. He blessed the place by causing a water spring to well up from the ground.
The Family then reached Mostorod, also known as el Mahamaah, meaning the bathing place. A name that was given to the town Virgin Mary bathed in child Jesus and washed his clothes.
After that, the Holy Family made their way to Belbeis where they sat under the shades of a sycamore tree, later known as the “Virgin Mary’s Tree.”
When they crossed the Nile to the city of Samanoud, Jesus hollowed another water well. While in Sakha, it is believed Jesus touched a stone and pure water thrust from it.
The Holy Family then traveled westward to the Valley of Natroun. The Valley was the monasticism’s first home in the world to practice chastity and meditating God.
The Family eventually headed to Cairo's districts of Matariyah and Ain Shams where Jesus created a water well and blessed it. Then Virgin Mary washed Jesus’s cloth pouring the water onto the ground which blossomed the Balsam tree. Balsam essence is used for the preparation of the Holy Myron.
The Holy Family moved on to Old Cairo where they took refuge in a cave. At this site the Church of Abi Serja, within the walls of the Fortress of Babylon, was built years later. The whole area has become a place of pilgrimage for Egyptians and Christians from around the globe.
They then set out to Al-Maadi, where the Virgin Mary Church was built by the Nile. From where the Family embarked a sailing boat heading southwards.
The Family then headed to Minya from which they crossed to the east bank of the Nile. There stands the Monastery of the Virgin on top of the Gabal Al-Kaf (Mountain of the Palm). It is believed that Jesus left an imprint of his palm on a stone in the mountain.
From that spot, the Family crossed the Nile back west, to Qussqam in Assiut. They stayed for more than six months, longer than any other place in Egypt. In that area, the Monastery of Al-Moharraq was built. Later, in the same spot, an angel appeared in Joseph’s dream telling him to return to Palestine as Herod was dead.
The Holy Family took almost the same route on their journey back to Palestine, after spending over three years in Egypt.

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