Ministry of housing ,utilities and urban communities general authority for construction and housing cooperatives 


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About CHC authority


Historical development of general authority for construction and housing cooperatives 

1961 the establishment of general cooperative for housing 

1965 the name was then modified to Egyptian cooperative foundation for construction & housing and the relevant activities were reorganized accordingly

1971 the said foundation was transformed into general authority for construction and housing cooperatives "authority ".

1976 authority was regarded as economic body that is able to manage its own resources by itself .


Reference terms of general authority for CHC

Authority is one of the bodies affiliated to ministry of housing, utilities and urban communities , which operates by virtue of presidential decree NO. 193 of 1977 that defines the terms of reference of authority in the following :

- Mapping out the general policy of the housing cooperative sector and developing such sector

- Achieving the objectives of cooperative policy in the field of housing and construction 

- Purchasing the needed lands for the construction of cooperative housing compounds; planning, dividing and providing such lands with public utilities; and then                 allocation them for cooperative societies

- Providing technical financial and administrative assistance for cooperative societies working in the field of housing 

- Activating cooperative lending fund in the field of construction and housing 

- Undertaking the industrial , commercial and other businesses within the cooperative framework, either directly or indirectly 

- Designing projects of compounded cooperative buildings and supervising its implementation