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The Third International Conference on Cooperative Housing (ICCH’19):

“Cooperative Housing and Sustainable Development Goals 2030”





     The World has realized the importance of Co-operatives as a successful global model of Social Economy, By its different systems and activities Co-operatives system aims to maximize the participation of the whole society in achieving the sustainable development goals and plans.

     The International Co-operative Alliance is explicitly advocating for co-operatives to connect their activities and aims to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), It is also encourages cooperatives across the globe to pledge and contribute to achieving the SDGs and report their progress.

     The International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) stated that “the blueprint for a Co-operative decade positions co-operatives as builders of sustainability, naming sustainability as one of five priorities for the coming decade … a key part of this effort is to demonstrate convincingly that sustainability is inherent in the nature of co-operatives, and that co-operative enterprises make a positive contribution to sustainability.”

    The International Cooperative Alliance is calling for co-operative, collaborative and bonding to integrate and connect their activities, strategies and aims to SDGs to encourage co-operative across the globe to pledge and contribute to achieve the SDGs.  Clear policies, agenda and goals are needed to directly and strongly implement SDGs through systemic process of design and execution of their projects. The development of such policies and goals needs the collaboration on an International scale.

     Therefore, the General Authority for Construction and Housing Cooperatives has selected the Cooperative Housing and Sustainable Development Goals 2030” as its main theme for the upcoming third International Conference. The conference aims at discussing the alignment of international and national cooperative development frameworks with the SDGs2030. It proposes a paradigm shift in the approach to development efforts with the aim of reducing resource waste and environmental degradation, while addressing inequity. The conference is divided into 6 main themes that covers the critical aspects of integrating sustainability into cooperative housing.


Conference Themes/Topics:


Topic 1: Sustainable Cooperatives: Theories, Concepts and Goals

1.    Best international practices, lessons learned and challenges .

2.    Models, terminologies and concepts in the field of co-operatives practice.

3.    Innovative approaches to integrate cooperatives and SDGs 2030  (all goals with special focus on Goal 11).

4.    Challenges facing co-operative practice .

5.    Theories versus practice.


Topic 2: Mending the Gap: Governance & Management of Sustainable Cooperatives

1.    Role of stakeholders in promoting sustainable cooperative communities.

2.    Role of the State in promoting sustainable cooperative communities.

3.    Concepts and ideas for management and monitoring.

4.    Governance for promoting and managing sustainable cooperatives.


Topic 3: Sustainable Communities and Economic Growth

1.    International experiences in financing/funding sustainable cooperative projects.

2.    Collaboration and Integrating co-operative activities.

3.    Sustainable finance (role of banks, mortgage and institutions).

4.    Real estate finance and co-operative challenges.


Topic 4: Sustainable Cooperatives & Community Participation (People Matter Most)

1.    Community participation through all phases of cooperative housing projects as means of sustainability.

2.    Integrating the community (designing for everyone: elderly, disabled, youth and children).

3.    Initiating community participation (International and local experiences).


Topic 5: Responsive Architecture and Sustainable Cooperative Challenges

1.    Quality of life indicators.

2.    Sustainable and ecological bases to be considered in planning and designing sustainable cooperative projects.

3.    New and renewable energy in sustainable cooperative housing projects.

4.    Innovative urban planning of sustainable cooperative projects.

5.    New trends in sustainable architectural designs (green, smart, responsive and   ecological building design).


Topic 6: Legislative and Regulations to Promote Sustainable Cooperative Practice

1.    Real estate.

2.    Framework and process.

3.    International and local experiences.                                                                       

4.    The role of cooperative housing in rural areas for Conservation agricultural land and production sustainability. Case of Egypt


In addition, the organizing committee welcomes submission of papers on any other topic that links cooperatives with sustainability (linking cooperatives with any of the SDG 2030 goals)

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