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Housing  &  Development  Bank  (HDBank)  was  established  as  an  Egyptian joint  stock  company  in1979.  Upon  its launch, the key mandate of HD Bank key is to finance moderate housing units to Egypt inhabitants together with a leading role in mending the gap between supply & demand in the real estate market.

Since 2003, HD Bank stepped into a  new  era  witnessing  its  prime strategic plan, aiming to integrate in the market as a   competitive commercial bank.

 HD Bank targets to be among the best five performing banks in Egypt, as a full commercial bank with core strength in housing real estate.

HD Bank has reached (70) branches widespread between the lower and upper Egypt depending on the belief of the necessity to make it easier and faster for the clients.



Sama  Group





  Sama group is established in 1982. Its objective combines economic feasibility and social development. The initiative was taken to invade North of Sinai Region where we constructed Sama El-Arish village, Cement and Kraft Paper Sacks Factory. These projects were crowned by Sinai University; a cultural and scientific entity that host the most importantmissions of enlightenment on this holy land.Sama Group: over 7 billion Egyptian pounds of capital investment …30000 shareholders … 300 founders …50000 laborers


sina university 



 Sinai University is established as peropen its doors to the first batch of studentsin September 2006 with five faculties;Pharmacy – Dentistry –EngineeringSciences – Computer Science – Business

and International Marketing.Facultyof Mass Media was added so thatthe number of faculties became 6 in 2007.

These faculties were selected due to theirsignificance in improving the educationalprocess in Egypt and the Arab World. TheUniversity will complete its other facultiesin the few coming years to include 14specialized faculties in all branches of science and arts to become one of thelargest Egyptian universities over the nextfew years.

University Vision:

Sinai University looks to be leadinguniversity which provides distinguishededucational and research services thatmeet the needs of Sinai, national andregional societies. The university shouldrepresent an attracting institution forstudents from inside and outside Egypt.

University Mission:

Sinai University ia aiming to become veryspecial among other Egyptian, Regional &International Universities. Located in Sinai

Peninsula, the land of spiritual history andnatural resources, SU was born as anintegral component of the strategic project for regional development of Sinai


Higher Institute of Cooperative Studies


Egyptian association for cooperative studies has established in the sixties the higher institute for cooperative and mana-gerial studies and became the largest sci-ence center in middle East .The institute is considered like the heart which feeds ar-teries of the cooperative movement with new blood young people that is able to serve cooperative movement according to modern scientific concepts .

Definition of the institute:

The institute follows the Egyptian asso-ciation for cooperative studies and under the supervision of the ministry of higher education and be an independent financial and administrative unit of the association. The institute mediates the heart of Cairo and is considered as the oldest scientific institute in Egypt and it is the member of many international organizations such as raifeizen union and the international coop-erative alliance (ICA).

Dr. Kamal Abu Alkheir has assumed the head of the Egyptian association for cooperative since its establishment un-til 2015- and currently Dr Hassan kamelRateb assume the head   



sina cement 



Sinai Cement Company was founded in 1997 as one of Sama Group Projects that has been working since 1985 in North Sinai development projects – according to Law No. 8 of 1997 with an authorized capital of one billion Egyptian pounds and a capital of 700 million Egyptian pounds. Its objective is to establish cement plant with production capacity of 1.4 million tons per year to be the corner stone for the establishment of heavy industries area and community in Central Sinai. Sinai Cement company succeeded to increase the actual capacity of the plant to 1.9 million tons per year and then added the second line of production so that the total annual capacity became 3.8 million tons effective from end of 2008.


Communities Authority 



New urban Communities Authority was established according to law 59/1979 aiming to:

     Creating new civilized centers for achieving community stability and 



    Redistribution of inhabitants far from the Nile valley     

     Developing new attraction areas beyond the existing cities and villages.

     Extend the Urban Axis to the desert and remote areas to decrease the urban extension on the agricultural lands

     Planning the new cities using the latest new system


NUCA established about 32 new cities on 1082 thousand acer for 7 million inhabitant

Planning the new cities using the latest new system. NUCA assures on the availability of housing units for the low Incomes, aiming to raise the standard of living for this level, and to emphasis on supporting low income, NUCA has launched several effective housing projects that suits the different levels and with many facilities.



Central authority for development website 



The Central Agency for Development was established in 1975.

 The agency consists of (10) executives’ entities covers the Republic

    The scope of Cairo(the agency for reconstruction of Cairo – the agency of joint projects – the executive agency for renewal the  districts  of  Fatimid  Cairo)


    The agency for Development of the north - East Coast.


    The agency for Development of the north - west coast.


    The agency for Development of the middle and north of Upper Egypt.

    The agency for Development of the south of Upper Egypt.

    The agency for Development of the red sea.

    The agency for Development of the new valley.

    The agency for Development of Sinai. 

In addition to the preliminary training agency for the literal construction, which consists of 55 literal & training centers covering all parts of the republic.


Functions of the agency:

Searching the Suggestion of the development projects in all of the republic that conformity with the objectives of economic and social development plans, and with the public policy of the country.

 Implementing the investment plan of the country in the following areas

    Establishment of developmental roads.

    Implementation of the huge and national projects.

    Implementation of infrastructure projects.

    Eestablishment of development communities in the remote and desert areas.

    Contribution in the implementation of sewage and drinking water projects.

    Supervision and implementation of projects for the benefit of the other organs of the country, which would contributing to the achievement of the objectives of urban development.


National Authority for Drinking Water and Sanitation



Presidential Decree No.197 for 1981. The  responsibilities  of  the  national authority for potable water and sanitation

    polices and plans of drinking water and sanitation activities at the national level stats

    Developing design for potable water and sanitation Implemented by the authority

    supervising the projects implemented by the authority in the governorates

    supervising the special studies to increase the efficiency of potable water and sanitation projects

   provide the necessary expertise in the fields of potable water and sanitation for Egypt and foreign countries

Our Future Vision 

Focus on strategic and vital projects which needed by public interest to be implemented and help the economic development of the state plan 

Increase efficiency constantly for stations and networks. 

The using of resent techniques and new technology for current projects.


National Authority For remote sensing & space science 


NARSS is the pioneering Egyptian institution in the field of satellite remote sensing. NARSS is an outgrowth of a Remote Sensing Center, established in 1971 as an American-Egyptian joint project that was affiliated to the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology.


In 1994 the Authority was established as an organization under the State Ministry of Scientific Research to promote the use of state of the art space stechnology for the development of the country and introducing High Tech capabilities in regional planning and other applications. NARSS includes two major sectors: Remote Sensing and Space Sciences.

The sector of remote sensing works on the use of data provided by earth observation satellites and various airborne sensors to produce maps and spatial data for the evaluation and monitoring of natural resources, natural hazards and management environmental.


The sector of space sciences is concerned with the development of sensors for earth observation to be mounted on satellites and with all the problems involved with monitoring communication with satellites and retrieving the information for processing, and ultimately on launching an Egyptian remote sensing satellite



Ola company 



Aloula Company for Development and real estate finance:


* Aloula Company for real estate financing was established in 2003 as the first company for real estate financing in Egypt with a beginning & paid capital with 404 million pounds, since it was the largest capital for the financing companies at these time was 50 million pounds as a maximum, and the company has exceeded the financial portfolio to one billion pounds, and the company acquires market share of 38% of the mortgage market in Egypt and contributing in the company some governmental entities such as the authority of communities, whose share in the capital with 25%, and Housing & Development Bank with 25% and Misr insurance Company and others with 25%.


The main objective of the company to provide housing for low-income people, which represents about 60% of the loan portfolio as of December 31, 2012 and based primarily on the financing of units of the project provided by the authority Communities - Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities.


The company is now looking forward to expand its business in other sectors in the market to become more diversified and more profitable while maintaining its leadership position in the market. characterized the first to provide a longer period of financing may be up to 20 years but not later than the straight month, 40% of the borrowers' income and the mortgage unit funded work as collateral for the loan.


In 2012 the company attracted a new distinguished staff on the head of them Prof. Hassan Hussein, chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the company, and he was considered as one of the distinguished expertise in the banking and investment systems for a period of 30 years.


He was worked as the Chairman of the Board of directors and Chief Executive Officer for a number of a leading banks in the Middle East and North Africa, which was turned and done a completely restructuring for the administrative and financial departments of the company, and he has overcoming all the obstacles that faced the company in terms of cash liquidity or cash flow , also he was provided the necessary facilities for the establishment of another two companies to complete the real estate system , the first company is Aloula company for real estate development and Aloula company for financial Leasing , under the new strategy of the company to supporting the mortgage operations and to meeting the continuous rising of the value of real estate assets, and taking under consideration the prices that sells by the real estate developer.


Egyptian Tourism authority website



 Presidential Decree No. 134 for 1981 was issued to establishment the Egyptian for stimulation tourism with the aim to increasing the number of tourists to Egypt ,for Advertising work and opening Official offices in the country to exporting tourism and supervisory the advertising campaigns in the country and direct tourism to foreign companies to the best way to work in Egypt one of the most important objectives of the Authority to raise growth rates in international tourist movement to Egypt , And show the real picture of the past Egypt's civilization and modern Development and its components various tourism and work to remove obstacles that Prevent the growth of tourism movement, Furthermore, to encourage domestic tourism and increasing awareness of tourism and Making a links with the citizens

Egyptian Tourism Stimulation Authority is the only entity authorized to activate tourism movement in Egypt , Article III of the Republic decision , which decides & identifies the objectives that the Authority shall have a way to achieve direct Objectives to the directions for the following activities:

- Developing a comprehensive time frame for the available tourism elements in Egypt.

- Putting a plans and programs to activating tourism.

- Performing all the attractives tourism methods in and abroad of Egypt.

- Providing a technical and marketing assistance and cooperation and contribute with the companies and establishments in the field of tourism stimulation.



Egypt Air Website



 EGYPTAIR is the national airline of Egypt ,based in Cairo. It was established by a RoyalDecree on May 7th 1932. It is the first airlinein the Middle East and Africa and the seventhin the world to join IATA. EGYPTAIR wentthrough several stages of development andgrowth throughout its 84 years of service.In  July  2002,  a  ministerial  resolutionturned EGYPTAIR into a Holding Companywith seven subsidiaries: EGYPTAIR AIRLINES,EGYPTAIR  CARGO,  EGYPTAIR  IN-FLIGHTSERVICES,  EGYPTAIR  MAINTENANCE  &ENGINEERING, EGYPTAIR GROUND SERVICE,EGYPTAIR TOURISM (KARNAK) & DUTY FREE,EGYPTAIR MEDICAL SERVICES. In 2006, twoother  subsidiaries  were  added:  EGYPTAIREXPRESS, and EGYPTAIR SUPPLEMENTARYINDUSTRIES.  These  nine  subsidiaries  playcomplementary roles in the service of theair transport industry. In addition, EGYPTAIRHOLDING Co. has one of the most developedtraining  centers.  It  offers  many  trainingprograms in different fields for EGYPTAIR andforeign companies and it includes the latestflight simulators in the Middle East.EGYPTAIR  flights  are  operated  fromTerminal  3  at  Cairo  International  Airportwhere  customers  can  enjoy  an  optimumservice level in Star Alliance lounges that areowned  and  operated  by  EGYPTAIR.EGYPTAIR AIRLINES network are extendedto reach more than 70 destinations to about60 countries around the world to meet theneeds of its customers. EGYPTAIR has joinedStar Alliance since July 2008 to be the 21stmember  of  Star  Alliance,  which  currentlyincludes 27 members. By being a part of thathuge network, EGYPTAIR customers are ableto reach more destinations, as the alliance’snetwork covers more than 1321 destinationsin 193 countries around the world.


The arab contractors website



 Arab Contractors (AC) is one of the leading construction companies in the Middle East and Africa. Our 77,000 employees work in collaboration with our customers, partners, and suppliers in more than 29 countries. Our experience is widely diversified and covers a wide spectrum of the construction industry and its ancillary services including: Public buildings, bridges, roads, tunnels, airports, housing, water & sewage projects, wastewater treatment plants, power stations, dams, hospitals, sports buildings, restoration of monuments, irrigation, producing ready-mix concrete, shipbuilding, electromechanical projects, engineering consultancy, manufacturing and assembly of steel structures,…etc.

The social dimension is not absent from our philosophy and that’s why we have a  sporting club and a medical center open for our employees as well as our fellow citizens.

We look back to Eng. Osman, the founder of the Arab Contractors, with a great admiration and gratitude. His foresight was able to comprehend the capabilities of the Egyptian workforce

 Eng. Osman's name has become a trademark for high quality, commitment and timelycompletion of construction works in the Middle East, Africa and among our business partners all over the world.

The company was ranked No. 91 internationally and ranked No. 112 globally according to  the American magazine ENR, August 2016 enr.construction.com